Why Do I Need Final Expense Insurance?


Final expense insurance may not be something you’ve thought about until recently. Whether you’re considering this kind of insurance for yourself or someone else, it’s common to ask the question, “Is it even needed?”. And if it is, why?  The correct answer to these questions are going to vary from person to person. Everyone has [...]

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Understanding High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure—also called hypertension or HBP—can be a leading indicator of a systemic health problem, or it can just be a feature of how your body functions. Many people are able to live quite normal, active, and otherwise healthy lives even with blood pressure readings that, for some, might be considered high.  The same [...]

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What to Say When Someone Dies


Just as birth is required for all of us to enjoy the miracle of life, death is also a necessary part of the human existence.  Regardless of how healthy a life is lived or with however much attention is paid to wellness, nutrition, and self-care, death will eventually take us all. The latin phrase ‘memento [...]

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Important Tips for Buying Life Insurance for Your Parents


Life insurance is an important overall strategy for smart aging—the older we get, the more important life insurance becomes.  If your parents didn’t obtain life insurance coverage earlier in life, it can be confusing knowing where to find the best policy for their unique situation. In this article, Shell Mutual Insurance is helping with a [...]

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Whole Life Insurance for Expecting Moms


When you’ve got a ‘bun in the oven’, life can seem like a whirlwind. There’s so much to prepare for!  Bringing a new life into this world is an exciting and sometimes stressful time, which is why it makes perfect sense that life insurance for the upcoming baby may not seem like a priority. However, [...]

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How Does a Life Insurance Policy Work After Someone Dies?


In the wake of a death of someone close to us, a lot of complex emotions and disruptions can take place. Whether the death was something that was expected or completely out-of-the-blue, the resulting aftermath of death is rarely easy or simple.  Adding to this difficult and chaotic time is the matter of life insurance. [...]

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What Age Should You Buy Life Insurance?


Buying life insurance is something that most people don’t even think about until they’ve established their careers and started a family.  More often than not, the main reason so many people look into life insurance in the first place is because one or more individuals have come to rely on them (children, aging parents, or [...]

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How to Plan Your Funeral So Your Family Doesn’t Have To


It may not be the most pleasant matter to address, but funeral planning is vitally important for at least two principle reasons: A funeral plan helps to ease the burden for family and loved ones after the death has transpired. Having a funeral plan frees up the insured individual, so life can be lived to [...]

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How to Choose Life Insurance That’s Right for You


Are you struggling with how to choose life insurance? You’re not alone. Choosing life insurance is a very important decision that is faced by thousands of Americans every day. Who you select as your life insurance provider will either prove to be a reliable, dependable company that will stand by you throughout life’s ups and [...]

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