It’s important to have a plan for final expenses. If this is neglected, a lot of financial burdens can be unjustly placed on friends and family, something that can be altogether avoided with a smart plan for covering the costs of funeral services, cremation, or burial services.

So, how exactly does funeral insurance work? And, is there a difference in quality between the funeral insurance provided by one company over another? At Shell Mutual Insurance, we demystify the subject of funeral insurance, and we offer specialized insurance solutions for seniors—solutions that directly match the ideal funeral cost strategy that suits you.

Funeral Insurance Defined

Seniors funeral insurance is designed to provide a cash payout when the insured passes away. This cash payout varies according to the policy that is selected, and many insurance providers will assign low monthly premiums that seniors can afford. Because

Shell Mutual Insurance does the cost comparisons for you, you benefit from having a broad selection of multiple insurance providers without needing to spend all of the extra time filtering through the ones that aren’t a fit for you.

Many Plans Build Cash Value

seniors funeral insuranceIn exchange for monthly premiums paid on-time, the insured gets the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their final expenses will be taken care of. This often results in a higher quality of life, as seniors can focus on enjoying their life more instead of worrying about future expenses.

What’s more, many funeral insurance policies build a cash value over time, something that can be borrowed against if the need arises. Here again, Shell Mutual Insurance is able to provide seniors with affordable funeral expense insurance coverage while also giving them an investment vehicle that can serve them well as they age.

At this point, you may be wondering if funeral insurance coverage varies according to where you live. For example does funeral insurance in Washington State cost as much or provide as much coverage as funeral insurance in Colorado?

This is where the value of Shell Mutual Insurance shines. We do the homework for you, distilling all of the most relevant options down to the best fit for your needs.

Shop Multiple Insurers through One Company

Let’s look at some of the more common insurance coverages to see where variation may lie:

  • Mutual of Omaha is a nationwide provider of funeral insurance for seniors, and their policies offer a broad variety of coverage options.
  • Aetna, the same company that is known for their outstanding healthcare coverage, also provides nationwide funeral insurance plans that don’t vary based on geography alone.
  • Royal Neighbors of America is a lesser-known funeral insurance provider that can assist seniors in Colorado, Washington State, or any other US state for that matter.

As you can see, geographical location doesn’t have a major impact in the funeral insurance coverage available from top insurers. And, because of the long-standing reputation of both the insurer and Shell Mutual Insurance, you know you’ll be well taken care of.

How to Know When It’s Time to Get Covered

The question of when to obtain funeral insurance coverage is often asked, and our response is, “There’s never a better time than now”.

The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. No one knows exactly when they will die. Due to the inherent unpredictability of life, final expenses can be ‘sprung’ on family members right when they least expect it. Having high-quality funeral insurance coverage from a Shell Mutual Insurance-affiliated insurance provider will make the entire process easier for those who will be managing it.
  2. Due to low monthly premiums, the cost of coverage fits well in a budget. Some funeral insurance plan premiums can be as funeral expense insurancelow as just $15 a month. Factors like age, cash payout value, and current health will all determine the premium amount. Even still, most funeral insurance plan premiums are much lower than most term life or whole life insurance plan premiums, making them affordable for many seniors.
  3. Once you’re covered, there’s nothing else to worry about. With many of the funeral insurance plans available from Shell Mutual Insurance, you can’t be dropped from your policy due to age or illness. This assurance provides tremendous value for the seniors we work with.

When the time is right to talk about obtaining reliable, affordable funeral insurance, talk to Shell Mutual Insurance.

Our team is standing by right now to speak with you about the insurance coverage options that make the most sense for your unique situation. Contact us now at (303) 947-2782.