It may not be the most pleasant matter to address, but funeral planning is vitally important for at least two principle reasons:

  1. A funeral plan helps to ease the burden for family and loved ones after the death has transpired.
  2. Having a funeral plan frees up the insured individual, so life can be lived to its fullest without worry.

And then, there is the less tangible reason to have a funeral plan: the plan itself will carry out the last requests of the insured, something that makes for a fitting capstone on any life well-lived.

Planning for funeral expenses doesn’t have to be fraught with stressful decision-making or uncomfortable conversations with pushy insurance salespeople. Shell Mutual Insurance was founded on the belief that funeral and final expense planning should be easy and hassle-free, which is the entire idea behind our business model.

We’ve learned a lot about how to help our customers plan for final expenses. In this article, we’re sharing a bit of that knowledge in the effort of helping you to plan for your funeral so your family doesn’t have to.

Step #1: Start with the Basics

Before the funeral or any expenses related to it can be determined, it’s necessary to decide on how your physical body will be managed after your death.

Burial, crypt interment, or cremation are the three most common options for those developing a sound funeral plan.

  • The burial option can often be the most expensive, as there are land plot fees, casket costs, and logistical expenses that can add up. However, burial may be important for some due to religious or personal preferences.
  • Interment in a crypt is less common, but it can also be fairly expensive depending on the location and space availability within the crypt itself.
  • Cremation costs can be lower than burial costs; however, there still needs to be a plan for how the remains will be stored over time.

Once you’ve decided how you’d like your mortal remnants to be processed, it’s time to develop a fitting financial plan for dealing with the associated expenses.

Step #2: Build Out the Budget

Because the costs of funeral expenses can vary so widely, it can help to have a baseline estimate for the average costs related to them. The planning your own funeral 2figures below are very rough guidelines, and every person’s unique preferences may require slight fluctuations in total costs.

For a very basic service package from an established funeral home in the US, the fees are likely to be in the $1,800-$2,500 range. This price may or may not include extras like floral arrangements, catering, or other, ancillary services that may be a part of your funeral.

If you do choose burial or crypt interment, then embalming and bodily preparation fees will come into play. These fees will likely be in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

And then, there are the ‘hard materials’ costs—things like caskets, urns, and headstones. These fees are estimated thusly:

  • Metal casket: $2,500
  • Concrete/Stone vault: $1,400-$5,000+
  • Urn: $300
  • Headstone/Tombstone: $250-$3,000+

Considering all of the financial variables listed above, it’s safe to say that the total cost for an average funeral—including service fees, land plot costs, and ‘hard materials’ expenses—will range between $1,500-$10,000+. Not everyone has an extra stash of money like this just laying around, which is why it’s such a benefit to have a high-quality, affordable final expense insurance plan in place.

For a Better Final Expense Plan, Contact Us

Taking action to have a plan for your funeral and final expenses is not only important for your peace of mind; it’s also important for those you leave behind. Having everything in place for them shows that you’ve chosen to respect their lives while also protecting the dignity and sanctity of your own.

Truly, having a sound final expenses plan is one of the most respectable and courteous things you can do as you prepare to make your exit from this world. At Shell Mutual Insurance, we seek to make the entire process simple, easy, and as straightforward as possible.

Now that you know how to start developing a smart plan for your final expenses, why not find out how much a high-quality funeral insurance plan would cost? You might be surprised to learn how much coverage just $20-$30 a month can get you. To get your own, customized quote, contact Shell Mutual Insurance, today.