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What you need to know

Many people wrongly believe that they will not qualify for burial insurance.  A life event happened and they assume no company will accept them. This is false! We love hearing a client’s surprise, as we are able to get them qualified for great insurance!   Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

The easiest way to find out is simply to call us!  We love finding a great program for our clients!

We routinely help clients who have had cancer, heart-attacks, etc.  Life may have thrown you a curve ball, but we can still help. Yes, it is generally true, the better your health, the better the program.   But, this is why it is vital to work with us, as we can shop your situation to dozens of companies to get you the best possible program to protect your loved ones.

It all depends upon what health event occurred and when it occurred.   There are many options available which are probably better than you would have guessed.

In the insurance world, there are two main factors to consider:

  • When does my full coverage begin?

  • How much is this going to cost?

When does my full coverage begin?

Many companies cast a wide net and hope to get as many respondents as possible.   Often, it is not the best fit for you. AARP, Colonial Penn, Globe…. They will take you, but there is a catch.  Usually, your coverage is limited in the first two years. Often, their price is not the best you can get. If you die in the first two years, your family only receives the money you paid the company.  You expected to provide your family $10,000 and instead they get the money you paid into the program.

Do your health issues affect getting immediate coverage?   Maybe. It depends on the ailment, as well as how recent the ailment occurred.   Did you have a heart-attack yesterday? That will affect when your full coverage begins.  Did you have a heart-attack 2 years ago? Then we can cover you immediately, day one! Each situation is different, which is why you want someone on your side, finding the best program for your situation.

We can list every ailment and describe the rules for each health-issue.  Instead of having to read that volume of information, call us. We can answer your questions quickly and guide you to the best program.  If it fits your needs, great! If not, at least you know and can make plan accordingly. If it is best for you to wait a few months in order to get a better program, we will tell you that.

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Get an Instant Free Quote
Get an Instant Free Quote

How much is this going to cost?

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is mostly true.  If someone is offering you $100,000 in life insurance for $10 a month, there is a catch.   Those programs usually require you to die in a certain way, at a certain time. Did you get hit by a train on a Thursday?  Did you purchase a ticket on an airplane and die in an accident on that airplane? As you can see, there are obscure ways that you and I probably WON’T die.   But many insurance programs tease people with a huge Face Amounts ($100,000). In reality, you and I are going to pass away from old age, cancer, heart disease, etc.   Those accidental death policies will pay $0. I don’t know about you, but paying $10 per month, for 20 years, to get $0 in return is VERY expensive!

I know I will die one day.  I don’t want to have to guess how, when, why or where.  When I die, I want my loved ones taken care of. Would you rather pay $50 and have your family get $10,000 or pay $10 and have your family get $0?  I get it, we all have more month at the end of our money. This is where we can help. We want to get the best-priced program for you, and for you to get the best benefit for your loved ones.   Will your family get $50,000? Maybe, if it fits your budget. But if not, we work hard to get them the biggest benefit for what fits your situation.

We will be honest with you.  We will not promise you money that will never show up.  Having said all that, we pride ourselves in getting you the best-priced legitimate programs available!


No.  This is not term life.  We do not kick you out because you had a birthday, or because your health changed.   Your coverage is permanent, unless you decide to cancel it. If you live to 80, 90, 100…you are still covered!

No. If you sign up for $10,000, that is where the policy stays.  It will not decrease because you got older, or had a health event, or because 10 years passed.

NOPE.  Never.  Your price is fixed.  If you want to pay $35 per month, that is all it will ever be for that face amount.

Yes. When you add more insurance, you are purchasing an additional policy. Many companies try to confuse the language here. It is always buying another policy.

Are you concerned that you will not qualify for Life Insurance?   Let us help you walk through the process and protect your family today!   We value your trust and look forward to the opportunity of helping you.


More than 25% of Americans believe they would not qualify for life insurance (This is false)


83% of Americans say the most important factor in purchasing life insurance is that it is easy to understand


70% of Americans said they do not want to go through a physical exam in order to get life insurance (we can do this!)

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